After School Club – Rocking Horse Nursery

Once children have moved on from the Rocking Horse Nursery we offer the opportunity of continuity for parents and children who require care outside school hours with our after school club.

Our after school club can accommodate up to eight children aged from four to ten years. We run pick-ups daily from St Johns, Falklands and John Rankin schools.

We have found our after school club is particularly popular with parents who have younger siblings still at the nursery. It has also proven to be an effective stabiliser for children who are starting school and going through the change involved – familiar faces, familiar places.

Free play is actively encouraged, but there are daily adult-led activities such as cooking, arts and crafts and board games.

The focus for the children attending after school club is on fun rather than learning and to give the children an opportunity to relax and wind-down after a busy day, if that is what they choose. There are many indoor and outdoor activities for the children to enjoy.

After School Club - Rocking Horse Nursery

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