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Up to 18 Months

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Up to 18 Months

We welcome babies from birth. We have three baby rooms, designed and equipped to meet their needs as they grow and develop with us. The first two baby rooms will see them through to around 18 months.

These initial rooms have a very nurturing environment where we make a huge effort to make our newcomers feel at home as quickly as possible.

Although we follow work with you on your routine from home including milk feeds and naps, we often find their routines change as there is so much going on for them join in with when they are comfortable to join their playmates.

Bright rooms with great activities
Rocking Horse Nursery

Celestial Gold

(18 months to 2 years)

Our next room is four our young toddlers from 18 months – 2 years old and has much more structured routines to ensure everyone gets to join in the fun.

All our baby rooms have dedicated sleeping areas with cots and we encourage parents to supply comforters to ensure restful sleeps.

The rooms are bright, comfortable and equipped with a fantastic array of age-appropriate toys.

There is a secure garden, with outdoor toys which is dedicated to the babies. The staff also regularly enjoy taking them for walks around the extensive Racecourse estate.

Nappies, wipes and creams are all provided by the nursery. Freshly prepared meals are available from the time you choose to wean your baby.

Our staff to child ratio in the baby rooms are the recommended level of 1:3

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