Three and Four Year Olds – Rocking Horse Nursery


Frankel is our room for three year olds. You will notice the start of a change in our routines as we introduce more structure to our days. We know the children are all still young and so our focus remains very much on learning through play.

There are a wide variety of toys and resources available to stimulate the children. We have small and large construction toys and puzzles to develop their fine motor skills and hand-eye co-ordination. We continue our role play, dressing up and messy play opportunities and also introduce the children to computers and actively encourage their use in play.

As with all our other rooms the pre-school has a dedicated secure garden which is our largest and most stimulating outdoor area.

Frankel shares the largest of our secure gardens with the pre-school children in Tidal Bay.

Rocking Horse Nursery
Rocking Horse Nursery

Tidal Bay

At this stage your child will be entering the last phase of their time at nursery before they head off to school.

Our Tidal Bay pre-school room has the buzzy atmosphere of happy, busy children. In this room we make sure the children are fully equipped to make the transition from nursery to school. As an extension of the previous pre-school room, similar toys and activities are available to the children throughout the day.

In pre-school we have circle time, which is an opportunity for the children to have a voice. The staff encourage the children to talk about what interests them and our team uses this information to plan activities. We encourage a mixture of child-led and adult-led activities which are a result of spontaneous reactions between adults and the children. The children happily flourish when they create their own fun.

We have a fully qualified Early Years Teacher who will work with your child’s strengths and encourage their individuality and independence. All children leave the Rocking Horse Nursery with a completed learning journal which highlights their abilities, achievements and next steps. This will form the basis of our reporting to their school, but will also serve as a fantastic memory book for them to keep.

The introduction of a uniform for our pre-schoolers is another signal to the children that school is getting closer.


Our staff to child ratio 1:8

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