Child Friendly Spaces – Rocking Horse Nursery

One of the advantages of building a brand new nursery is the opportunity to create truly child-centric spaces.

As well as the large playrooms we are proud of our well-stocked library, sensory room and gardens. Throughout the nursery we have introduced communication friendly spaces to encourage speech & language development.


The library is well-loved by the children, and used by all the age groups. We strongly believe in nurturing a love of books from a young age which is why the library is a calm area with books and resources the younger children will enjoy as well as the older children. The library is designed to encourage a love of literacy and includes not only traditional fiction & non-fiction books and stories but also audio books, story sacks, situational and dual language books. The books are all arranged and stored at child-friendly height which makes for a fun visit and encourages them to choose books they are interested in.

Secure gardens

We have always had a focus on utilising our outside space. Our secure gardens are a real treat for the children in all rooms. We firmly believe children can learn just as much outside as they can inside. We have created a ‘racetrack’ for the older children, who also enjoy a huge sandpit and bikes, trikes and scooters.

Each of our gardens features a ‘mud kitchen’ which encourages messy play and role play. Whatever the weather we actively encourage the children to head outside. They even don their wellies and waterproofs and jump in muddy puddles when it is wet.

Each area has a space for growing plants with the children, these areas include herbs, salads and flowers etc. and a greenhouse for the older children to look after. There are numerous opportunities in all the gardens for the children to not only improve physical skills but also numeracy and literacy skills too.

Sensory room

Children from all the rooms in the nursery make use of the sensory room regularly. We have created a really lovely space which supports various areas of sensory development which encourages children’s language. We have light focused equipment as well as activities that support their sense of smell, touch, hearing and sight.

Children’s Kitchen

Cooking is so important for children’s development that we have an area dedicated to this. Everything is at the children’s height and fully risk assessed so it is safe for them to use. Small groups use this area with a member of staff and do activities that tie in with our healthy living initiative.

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