Our Staff – Rocking Horse Nursery

We have a large team of experienced staff dedicated to creating a loving home from home atmosphere.

We place a great deal of emphasis on staff qualifications and skills and we support all our staff through work-based training. The majority of our staff are qualified to at least Level 3 including all the room leaders. We always encourage and facilitate additional learning for our staff where possible.

We believe that well trained staff are happy and motivated and this has resulted us being able to lower our staff turnover, which to you means consistent care for your little ones.

The majority of our staff are qualified first aiders, all have Level 2 food safety in catering and are fully trained in Safeguarding and Protecting Children.

There is a focus on developing each child’s social and communication skills.

Our Staff - Rocking Horse Nursery
Our Staff - Rocking Horse Nursery

Key person

At every step of your child’s journey through the Rocking Horse Nursery there will be a dedicated member of staff holding their hand and assisting in their development and learning. This person is your child’s ‘key person’. They will also be helping them play, have fun and keep them happy.

Your child will be allocated a key person in each of the different rooms. This person will be responsible for ensuring they progress effectively through their learning journey, be a loving pair of arms when needed and provide lots of fun play times. We work in partnership with parents recognising their importance in their child’s lives therefore getting parental input into planning and development is invaluable.

The Rocking Horse Nursery is spacious inside and out. The children are grouped by age and are cared for in six rooms dedicated to their needs at that stage of their lives. The rooms are all named after famous racehorses.


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